YiPPE: Youth in Partnership with Parents for Empowerment

Youth in Partnership with Parents for Empowerment is a Leadership Development Opportunity for Youth with Disabilities and Their Parents to Learn About the Transition Process in a Unique Way

YiPPE is a group of youth and their parents who meet together five times during the year. They will hear from speakers and take part in hands-on activities in parallel programs centered around transition. While some topics may overlap, parents will be able to enjoy their own sessions while their youth are learning similar information in a youth-friendly format.

The YiPPE Program Assists Youth Ages 15-20 to:

  • Make decisions for themselves
  • Get involved in their school & community
  • Be as independent as possible
  • Become self-advocates & self-determined
  • Prepare for work and/or college
  • Learn what the future could hold for them
  • Get to know other youth, make friends & have fun

The YiPPE Program Assists Parents to Plan for Their Youth's Future by:

  • Enhancing their leadership, communication, & social skills
  • Providing information in the areas of health care, employment, education, inclusion, legislation, & adult services
  • Connecting parents to national, state, & local resources that will help their youth make a smoother transition
  • Connecting them to a network of parents who have children with disabilities going through transition

Who Can Sign Up?

  • Youth (ages 15-20) and their parent(s), foster parent(s), or grandparent(s)
  • Youth must be receiving special education services
  • Those who have attended a Transition PIP are not eligible to attend YiPPE
  • Space is limited to 25 parents

Additional Information about YiPPE:

YiPPE runs from 5:00 to 8:30 pm on Friday and from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm on Saturday. Youth, along with their parents/guardians, must attend ALL five weekend sessions. YiPPE is paid for with IEDA Discretionary funds, Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative (WSPEI), and other funding sources.

WSPEI (Wisconsin statewide Parent Educator Initiative) is seeking proposals from school districts, communities, parent groups or agencies that would like to host a Youth in Partnership with Parents for Empowerment (YIPPE) training for 2014-2015.

Download the 2014-2015 Youth in Partnership with Parents for Empowerment form.


I just wanted to thank you so much for the experience of YiPPE.  It was absolutely wonderful!  We learned so much, and I personally feel that we are very prepared for my daughter's transition into adulthood and beyond!


To reach WSPEI toll-free, call 1-877-844-4925 | E-mail: info@wspei.org